About The Moot

PAX Moot 2020 – Asser Round is a specialized moot court competition focused on Transnational Law and Private International Law issues. In this competition, participants will be able to learn and apply first-hand the complexities and nuances of how international Conventions and Regulations interact in the context of globalization. Without pleading on the merits of the case, PAX Moot participants will be given a case geared towards jurisdictional and choice of law disputes. Clear goals will be given to each team as to which preliminary ruling they will be striving to achieve, which will form the primary contention of the moot.

Private International Law, or Conflict of Laws, is the set of legal principles, devices, modes of reasoning and rules that leads to the application of different national laws in international cases, allocates jurisdiction and regulates the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. This field of law has increasingly come to the foreground of significant multinational legal disputes, where sometimes the entire case hinges on jurisdiction, applicability of certain national regulations or cross-border effects of judgments. It now plays an important role in the area of environmental regulations, labour and human rights protections, digital transactions and other global issues.

Pax Moot 2020 – Asser Round will comprise of a written round and oral round. The oral round will be scheduled as a 2 full-day event at the end of May 2020 (27-29 May 2020). The first day of the competition (general rounds) will be held at the University of Antwerp. On the second day, the participating teams will be invited to the EU Commission in Brussels, where the semi-finals and final rounds will be held.  Registration will open on 13 January 2020, and the case will be published at around the same time. The Registration fee is set at 100 Euros per Team.

The organisers, thanks to the JUDGTRUST project co-funded by the European Commission, are able to offer some financial support covering transportation and accommodation costs relating to the oral round for a number of participating teams.

Registration is set to open from January 15th to March 30th. The case for this year’s moot will also be published as registration opens on January 15th. We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels!


PAX Moot Team

This project is funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union (2014-2020)

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